AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Reference Class Premium Headphones Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

AKG Q701 Quincy Jones reference class premium headphones When Quincy Jones puts his name to a product you should immediately take notice. The legendary musician and producer has carved out a career of incredible success, so when he decided to endorse the AKG Q701 headphones you knew there must be a lot of quality in the design and sound quality that these headphones have and produce.

The 3-dimensional sound of these reference headphones is exceptional, giving you the impression you are in a concert hall listening to the sound fill the whole hall. The precise 360 degree imaging is created by the flat wire voice coils, which are revolutionary in their own right. The technology used in the AKG Q701 headphones helps to produce music exactly as it was intended.

The Q701 headphones are very comfortable to wear. The ear pads have been specially shaped to provide a perfect fit. The design is very subtle but also very effective and you will find that you can wear these headphones for a long time without them becoming too uncomfortable or hot to keep on. They are also quite light, especially considering their bulky size.

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The quality inside the AKG Q701 headphones

To help eliminate as much distortion as possible the AKG Q701 uses a neodymium magnet system that keeps the audio in the right place and funneling down the ears of the wearer, while keeping any outside noise away from the ears. The result is a very realistic sound that really is the essence of this stylish headphone.

AKG Q701

The similarities between the Q701 headphones and Quincy Jones starts with the smooth tone and incredible detail of the sound they produce. They also offer that sophistication and effortless style that Quincy Jones also has. The accuracy that you can expect from the Q701 is another reason why they are so popular, as any audiophile will know they are getting the best sound replication possible when wearing these.

The AKG Q701 use the patented 2 layered diaphragms that are very similar to the ones used in AKG Q701 Quincy Jones headphones their professional counterparts, the K702 headphones. These diaphragms provide high frequency clarity and an accurate bass response. The bass is deep enough without being too overpowering, so if you did want to listen to some high bass music through them, then they will deliver just enough for you to appreciate it.

Style, color and accessories

The AKG Q701 reference headphones are open back and very light considering their size, weighing in at 0.51 pounds. The headband is made from soft genuine leather and it sits comfortably on the top of your head. If you like to listen to music through your headphones for long periods of time, then you can do so quite easily with the Q701 due to the comfort they provide.

You can purchase the AKG Q701 Quincy Jones reference class premium headphones in a choice of three different colors, black, white and lime. The detachable cable is 9 feet long, so you will have enough play to move around freely with the headphones still plugged into the audio source. The comfortable form 3D ear pads are designed to completely engulf the ear, providing a sealed environment for the three-dimensional sound to happen.

AKG-Q701-Quincy-Jones-7a AKG-Q701-Quincy-Jones-8a

When you purchase the Q701 headphones you get a 3m and a 6m cable, so you if you did need that extra length then you have it ready for you in the box. You also get a ¼” stereo plug adapter so you can plug it into different sources.

AKG-Q701-Quincy-Jones-9aLast thoughts on the AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Headphones

The combination of a successful and established brand such as AKG and a legendary music icon like Quincy Jones is a recipe for success. The Q702 headphones have the quality of both of these brands and epitomize the exceptionally high standards both work too.

It will take quite a bit of play before they are burned in properly, but you will love the sound they produce from the first time you hear them, and this will just keep getting better and better. The AKG Q701 Quincy Jones reference class premium headphones certainly are of the quality you would expect when an industry legend such as Quincy Jones puts his name to them.

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