Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 Ultra Lightweight Sports Headphone Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

The new Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 sports headphones are designed specifically for the active Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 person that needs a lightweight headphone that is strong and durable. But these headphones are not just about the looks and the design, they also provide good quality sound too, so you can listen to your favorite music while you work out.

There has been a lot of innovation that has gone into the design of the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones. The idea was to produce a headphone that would stay firmly on your head without slipping off while you work out. And also headphones where you could wash the ear cushions when required, and where they would sit comfortably on the ears.

The ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones meet all of the requirements that anyone would need while actively working out. Due to the technology used inside the headphones they are able to produce excellent sound quality also. You can get lost in your music while you go through your workout, and block out any distractions.

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Key features of the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones

The non-slip headband on the SHQ5200 headphones is lined with a silicone grip to keep the band in place as you go through your workout paces. Even when your head is wet through excessive exercise the headband will hold fast so you do not have to worry about it falling off your head when you are in the middle of an exercise.

Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones

The ear cushions used on the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 are extremely comfortable. If you like to wear the headphones for longer durations you will not feel any discomfort or fatigue as they mould into the shape of your ear and sit on them without applying too much pressure at all. The headband is also very light and comfortable so it will not cause any discomfort to your head either.

Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 reviewFor hygiene purposes the ear cushions are both detachable and washable. You can take the ear cushions off after your workout and put them into the wash to keep them clean and odor-free. The ear cushions are a little fiddly to take off and put back on though. The ear cushions are also covered with a unique moisture wicking fabric that will keep your ears dry and cool, even during an exhaustive workout.

Sound quality

The appeal of the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones is not just the style and design. They perform extremely well on the audio front too. The clarity of the sound is excellent, you can hear the smallest detail of any music you are listening too. The bass is very full too, without being overpowering. If you like to listen to some high-tempo dance music through the headphones while you work out you will just feel the beats going through your body.

The ear cups also do an excellent job of delivering the audio right down your ear so you get excellent clarity with little to no external noise interfering. If you are running or working out and listening to your music through the ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones you will notice the consistencyPhilips-ActionFit-SHQ5200-5a of the audio delivery they provide. The sound quality is certainly more than adequate for the purposes of working out.

Last thoughts on the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones

If you are a regular runner then I am sure you have probably gone through several pairs of cheaper headphones pretty quickly. But the SHQ5200 headphones are built to last, and the durability is very impressive considering how light they are. The silicone grip also keeps them firmly on your head so you’re not constantly replacing them on your head as you go through your workout.

The color and design of the SHQ5200 headphones is very striking, and they do look very stylish. They may not be to everyone’s taste, but most really like them. The comfort levels are also really high with these headphones too. With the washable ear cushions you can ensure that they stay clean and hygienic. Overall, the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones are very well made headphones, ideal for the sports enthusiast that wants a pair that will stay firmly on their head.

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